Our Mission

We are envisioning a new promenade on Broadway, between 32nd Street at the north, and Madison Square Park at the south. This promenade would be the public space spine for the burgeoning neighborhood of NoMad, creating opportunities for residents, businesses, and tourists alike. This new space would replace the current lanes of traffic, and return much of that space to pedestrians with the design of a large central walkway, gardens, trees, and benches.  

We will create a sequence of open, welcoming, and inspiring places and experiences for the diverse communities of New York and the many people from around the world who visit the city.

We believe that public spaces are the best way for people to connect with their neighborhood and with each other in beautiful, natural environments.

We are passionate about the cultural heritage of New York City, celebrating our shared past through innovative urban design, landscaping, and arts programming.


Our Goals

  • Create a new destination for the City of New York – for local residents and visitors alike.
  • Foster a new pedestrian corridor through an increasingly dense and commercializing urban area.
  • Reduce traffic congestion while improving pedestrian utilization and circulation.
  • Celebrate cultural heritage through innovation in horticultural design, music, performance, sound design, and public art.
  • Program seasonal landscaping, art installations, and neighborhood events.
  • Design NoMad Walk as a place that is thematically integrated into the surrounding neighborhood and accommodates a variety of uses, including café seating, lawn areas, and quiet meditative spaces.